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"To make it possible for our customers to have our great-tasting catfish in their own kitchen, we introduced Cooley’s Preseasoned Breading packaged in 16 oz. bags.  Our breading is mixed with a special blend of seasonings and spices that gives fried catfish that ‘down-home’ taste.  All you have to do is cover it, shake it off, and fry it!  Our breading is preseasoned with spices that not only can you see, but also smell! There’s no need to add anything, like some of the other brands!  There’s no guesswork!  It’s already preseasoned and available in Original or Spicy Flavor!  Cooley’s Preseasoned Breading can be used on any product on which you may use corn meal breading.

We are currently looking for retailers and distributors to sell Cooley's Preseasoned Breading. We know that you must come across an abundance of products to try, so what's different about this one? The difference is this; there is not another product on the national market that is better, so give it a try! Cooley’s Preseasoned Breading also comes in a 25lb. case for restaurants or for large cooking events."